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Breaking a sweat, sweatshirt, don’t sweat it, sweating bullets, sweatshop, blood, sweat and tears…

Whether it is a dainty glisten or drenching buckets, a bit part of any fitness program involves SWEAT.

But, did you know that sweating A LOT could mean that you are really physically fit?

According to researchers, those that train for endurance sports like running and cycling actually sweat faster and more profusely than those that are not exercisers.

Of course, the main purpose of sweating is to cool our bodies down.

If you work out for, say, an hour, weigh yourself right before your workout and then after. Depending on the level of exertion  you’ll have a pretty good idea about how much you are sweating during a regular workout session. A good rule of thumb is to drink 16 ounces of liquid (preferably water) for each pound you lose during your workout.

If you are working out in hot, humid climates it’s a good idea to hydrate during your workout to avoid dehydration.

Sweat is the new sexy!

So go ahead and sweat you Wimpy Girl Exercise Princess It proves you are fit!

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