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Wash Day

Okay gang, let’s test your holiday smarts.

If you were asked what holiday is tomorrow, April 15th, would you know?

If you are a penny pincher and good with numbers and accounting you might quickly reply, “Well, it’s tax day. Duh!”

If you are a big baseball fan, you might respond, “Everyone knows it’s Jackie Robinson Day! Go Dodgers!”

Or if you have a great spouse and don’t tell him how great he is nearly enough, you might answer, “It’s Husband Appreciation Day and I stand by my man.”

If you are a history buff, you’d probably respond, “The Titanic sunk on April 15, 1912, so obviously, it’s Titanic Remembrance Day.”

If you answered any of the above, you’d be right. There is/was a lot going on on April 15. It’s famous.

But I’ll bet you’d never answer, “Hooray, it’s National Laundry Day and I think I’ll celebrate by doing a few loads.”

Tomorrow is indeed National Laundry Day. Go figure. Even though doing laundry is not my idea of a fun celebration, here are some pretty cool facts that surround this unique holiday. For example, did you know that…

A Family that Launders Together

Marketers have discovered that most people use the same laundry detergent that their parents used.

Stand Those Jeans over in the Corner

A poll done in 2018 by GE found that 37% of people don’t wash their jeans until they have worn them at least 5 times. 16% wear them seven or more times.

Cleanest App in New York

Dubbed the “Uber of Laundry,” there is an app that enabled New Yorkers to arrange laundry pickups by phone.

Wash Cycles

The typical person washes their clothes roughly two days each week, according to a Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor Study. Most individuals do laundry four times every week on average. Three of the loads are garments, with one load being house textiles like sheets and tablecloths.

Clean Habits

Most Americans keep their laundry regimen pretty simple. Nearly three-quarters of consumers (74%) often use top-loading washing machines, according to Monitor research. 58% use liquid detergent, 17% used liquid detergent with fabric softener, 8% used powder detergent, 6% used pod detergent, 5% used liquid laundry detergent with bleach and 4% used pod washing powder with fabric softener.

Pillow Talk

According to a poll, if your pillow could speak, it would say “Please, wash me!” Just 27% of individuals replace their bed linens at least once a month. Eeeew!

Above the Fold

Just 40% of adults (those aged 18 to 44) put away their clean laundry after it’s been laundered. Most clean clothes are left in the dryer or in a laundry basket before being folded if they get folded at all.

So are you feeling squeaky clean and fresh? Do you have the irresistible urge to head to the laundry room and give your Fitbit a workout? Not me, but I do appreciate clean clothes and sheets, so I guess I’d better pull my surly self away from the computer and launder a load.

Won’t you join me?

Happy Laundry Day!

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