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The Virtue Fairy passed over me when she was passing out patience, and so, I have none. Before Christmas and birthdays, I’m so excited about what I’m giving or doing for the special people in my life that I blab about what it is. KaPow! No surprise. When I’m watching a long television series, I always sneak a peek at IMDB to see who’s going to die or stay alive. Always. Like right now, we just finished Season 1 of This is Us. I know, I know, we are the only cool people who haven’t seen it yet, and both Capt’n Clean and I are hooked. I said I wouldn’t peek until after we finished Season 1, but I did. I really, really have no patience. Not a drop.

It’s especially hard for people like me when it comes to making a life-changing transformation. Like when I’m trying to not eat chocolate or improve my exercise stats, it’s easy to become impatient. Very impatient

We live in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, and if you’ve studied anything about the states of Mexico, you know that monarch butterflies like this area as much as Capt’n Clean and I do. And, this is butterfly season! The Virtue Fairy dumped her whole bag of patience dust on these marvelous creatures. Here’s what I mean.

Monarch butterflies make a 3000-mile journey from Canada and the northeastern U.S. to “winter” in the warmer climates of Mexico, which is an incredible thing. But, to make it over-the-top incredible, many of the individual monarchs that start the trip will never return home. This is not because they get lost (like Capt’n Clean and me) or decide they like Mexico better (like Capt’n Clean and me), but rather because their life cycles are too short to make the return trip. Monarchs that are born in the summer live about 2 to 6 weeks, but those born in the fall and winter can live 8-9 months. You may think that the summer baby butterflies have a raw deal, but think about it. The fall and winter butterflies are the ultra-marathon fliers, the ones that make the migratory journey and face many more risks than their more sedentary brothers. Consider how many wing flaps it takes to fly 3000 miles! Wow!

What a beautiful thing it is to be a monarch butterfly. These marvelous creatures never lose sight of their goal, even if they know they might not be around to see victory. Astounding.

Whenever I feel cranky or unmotivated to keep up my exercise program because I’m not seeing results from my efforts, I’m going to remember the magnificent monarch butterfly, who, even though he may not live to see the reward for his efforts, keeps on going. Mama Nature is patient, and she knows what she’s doing.

Keep on flying no matter what, my butterfly friends. You’ve got this.


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