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Make Some Waves

Are you a bikini beach babe?

I once was, sorta. Right now I’m stuck in beach babe purgatory as I pack for our upcoming trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico. Beach babe purgatory involves being stuck somewhere between a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and a moo-moo mama that calls folks to dinner by blowing tinto a conch shell. If you can relate, check out my plan to bring back beach babe-ness no matter how old you are at:

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Gogh, Wimpy Girl, Gogh

I’ve always had an art crush on Vincent Van Gogh. I like the weird ones, the more eccentric the better.

I think Van Gogh would flourish today as a cartoonist. See if you agree with me at:

#vincentvangogh #vangogh #starrynight #wimpygirl #pookieryan


A new cartoon every Friday, plus special days! It’s summertime! Woo hoo! When you think about summer do you imagine yourself lolling on a tropical… Read More »Hydrate

Knee Jerking

Remember when you could refer to your knees as right and left rather than good and bad? Ah, those were the days!

Today’s story is all about knees and what you can do to keep them healthy and working. Check out:

#kneepain #agingknees #aging #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomicS

Wash Day

Ahh! Think clean clothes, fresh sheets and that fresh laundry smell. Find out what National Laundry Day is all about at

#nationallaundryday #laundryday #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Spring Cleaning

How do you handle spring cleaning if one of you is a neatnik and the other is a slob? Find out how Capt’n Clean and Wimpy Girl have learned to cope with Dust Bunny removal at:

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #springcleaning #marriagetips

Lucky Feet

Breaking News!
The world economic crisis has spread to all fairytale and mythological beings, namely LEPRECHAUNS! This is serious stuff folks. Read all about it at:

and have a
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

#wimpygirl #stpatricksday #leprechauns #running #fitness


It’s monarch butterfly season here in Morelia, Mexico. Find out what these ultra-marathon fliers can teach us about endurance and patience at:

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #exercisemotivation #fitness #transformation


Do you ever wobble at the edges of your clothes, especially around your mid-section? My mother and her friends called it a “midriff bulge.” I call it “busted biscuit belly,” and believe me, there are days that I’ve got it! If you want to know what to do to keep your “biscuits” under control, check out:

#bellyfat #fatloss #fitness #exercise #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Kiss Me, You Fool

Wanna smooch?
Find out some wonderfully kooky things you might not have known about kissing at:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

#kissing #valentinesday #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Fitness Fairy

So you started out in 2023 riding the fitness torpedo like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove, but now your motivation to exercise has waned. You keep calling the Fitness Fairy, but her line continues to be busy. Believe me, I get it. Just to keep your spirits up and your body moving, this week’s blog offers a few things that work for me as far as fitness motivation. Check it out:
#fitnessmotivation #exercise #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics


Poetry lovers, please read on!

Wimpy Girl, that infamous poet, has just released her newest poem, and it’s not to be missed. This piece is entitled “Ode to Sweatpants” for a reaso. Check out:

#fitnessmotivation #sweatpants #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Wrap it Up

What’s that popping noise?
It’s wallpaper.
It’s a toy.
It’s a stress reliever.
It’s a packing product.


You guessed it. Monday is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Make sure you properly “appreciate” this wonderful invention by discovering more about it at:

#bubblewrap #bubblewrapday #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics


If you are one of those people who enjoy exercising when it’s cold, just move right along and pretend you didn’t see this cartoon and blog post. You go, Snow Ninja!

But, if you dislike cold weather as much as I do, here are a few strategies to help you continue your outside walking or running routine even when there is snow on the ground.

Counting down the days till Spring!

#winterworkout #outdoorworkout #winterfitness #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Onward & Upward

Have you ever tried to tackle some task or goal that seemed completely unreachable? Like running a marathon, or losing 40 pounds. You really, really want it to happen but you just can’t connect the dots to make it so. Here are a few ideas that might help you finally conquer what seemed impossible at:

#settinggoals #goals #motivation #success #fitness #mindset #inspiration #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #wimpygirl


Come on out of your shell and get busy on your resolutions for 2023. Check out today’s blog to find out what Capt’n Clean and I are resolving to do for this next year at:

…and have a happy, healthy New Year!

#HappyNewYear #happy2023 #resolutions #wimpygirlcomics #wimpygirl #healthylifestyle

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays from our family to yours. May your holidays be filled with love and laughter.

~Wimpy Girl & Capt’n Clean

Christmas Carb Load

Tis the season to be…well, overwhelmed? If you are worried that you may be pigging out on carbs too much this holiday, chillax. Today’s blog gives you helpful ideas to curb your carb craving. Feast your eyes on:

#carbloading #carb #holidaysplurging #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Get Ugly

“…the tackier the better, the uglier the sweater…” It’s Ugly Sweater Day! It’s time to pull our gaudiest, most garish holiday sweaters out of the closet and wear them with pride. Admit it, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them. For fun, join me in checking out some of the most tawdry holiday sweaters ever to grace the silver screen at:
and celebrate the season by showing off yours.

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #uglysweaterday #uglysweater #uglychristmassweater

Naughty or Nice

Stop what you are doing right now. Look down at your wrist. How many steps have you taken today? If all you see is freckles or Mickey Mouse staring back at you, you need a fitness tracker. Find out how one of these wonderful devices can change your life (in a really good way) at

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #fitnesstracker #fitbit #naughtyornice


Instead of being frazzled and freaked out by the holiday season, maybe we can grasp some coping strategies from the most wigged out girl in all classic literature, Alice in Wonderland. Join me in a trip down the rabbit hole to find some profound holiday advice at:

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #holidayadvice #preparingforthe holidays #aliceinwonderland #lewiscarroll

Mickey Mouse Day

Who’s the leader of the pack? Well it’s that cheerful little rodent recognized all over the world, Mickey Mouse.

Today is Mickey Mouse Day!

Join me in a trip down memory lane as we celebrate this beloved cartoon mouse, and you just might learn a few facts that you may not have known at:

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

#mickeymouse #mickeymouseday #happybirthdaymickeymouse #disney #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Eat Your Heart Out

A few years back I saw a magazine page with a model clad in platform shoes and bell bottom jeans. The advertising tag said, “Go for That Vintage Look!” I felt really old because that is exactly how I looked in high school.

If you can relate to having once had a closet full of “retro” clothes, take a trip with me down memory lane at:

…and try not to rub it in too much if you can still fit into your bell bottoms…please!

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #retrolook #70sfashion

Zombie Apocalypse

Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse? If not, have no fear because today’s Wimpy Girl post will get you ready. You won’t want to miss this one folks:

Happy Halloween!

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #happyhalloween
#halloween #zombies #zombieapocalypse #runningfromazombie

Frankenstein Friday

In a fun competition with friends to see who could create the best horror story, Mary Shelley (at age 18) came up with the idea for her timeless novel, Frankenstein. Since it was first published in 1816, the classic has never gone out of print.

Today is Frankenstein Friday, and to get ready for monster season, we celebrate Victor Frankenstein, his lonely creature and the incredible life of Mary Shelley.

Find out some curious facts (things I didn’t know) about Mary and her book at:

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #frankenstein #frankensteinfriday #maryshelley

Runner’s High

As far as I know, runner’s high is still legal in all 50 states, Canada and Mexico. It’s one of the biggest reasons I run and exercise.

Runner’s high is euphoric and makes me feel like I’ve got life figured out. I don’t. But it feels that wasy. Find out all about it at:

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #runnershigh #cartoonsforrunners #cartoonsforexercisers #exercise

Minnie Pawse

Who turned up the heat? There’s no doubt about it, menopausal women are HOTTIES! Check out this fun look at menopause as Wimpy Girl’s alter ego Minnie Pawse tells all at:

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #menopause #worldmenopauseday

I Love Lucy

Did you know that I Love Lucy is the only television show that has never stopped broadcasting since its first episode which aired on October 15, 1951? I really, really love Lucille Ball and her terrific comedic talent, so, in honor of National I Love Lucy Day (tomorrow, October 15) this week’s story is all about everything LUCY! Check it out at:

#ilovelucyday #lucilleball #ilovelucy #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics


It’s World Smile Day! You know what? The smiley face knows no politics, no geographic boundaries, no socioeconimic barriers. It’s all about doing acts of kindness and helping one person smile.

Find out how the smiley face came into being (no it wasn’t invented by Forrest Gump) at

…and don’t forget to dazzle everyone you meet with your beautiful smile today, and every day.

#worldsmileday #smileday #smile #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

A Toast

Coffee. We drink it, we savor it, we love it. And, this weekend we celebrate it. September 29th the US and Canada celebrates the lucious brown brew, and then on October 1st the rest of the world joins the salute for International Coffee Day.

I love coffee. So how about observing the holidays by spotllighting a few famous coffee lovers throughout history who share my passion? The list may surprise you, but I promise you’ll get a caffeinated “kick” out of this week’s blog:

Enjoy the best part of waking up this weekend!

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #coffee #coffeeday #internationalcoffeeday

Head Over Heels

It’s fall, ya’ll. What better time to talk about falling, than the first day of fall? You guessed it, it’s Fall Prevention Day.

I’m pretty much an expert at the falling thing. Clumsy and wimpy too. So here are a few ideas to prevent falls for all of us.

…and enjoy the cooler weather!

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #fallprevention #fallpreventionday


Gather up your maties and grab some grog. It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Aargh! Check out the Wimpy Girl version of some mighty salty language at:!

#TalkLikeAPirateDay #PirateDay #PirateTalk #PirateLingo #AarghMatey #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

The ShowDown

Face the changes, not your relection. Are you a serial dieter? I was. Face it, nobody wants to spend their life dieting. Find out what’s working for me at:

#weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitness #healthylifestyle #motivation #health #fitnessmotivation #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics


A new cartoon every Friday, plus special days! It’s tough for me to write about bathroom scales because I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with… Read More »Torture

Emma Nutt Day

One Ringy Dingy! It’s time to celebrate Emma M. Nutt, the first female telephone operator. She was quite an incredible woman, and not at all a “nut” as her name would lead us to believe. Get the scoop on this Superwoman (without the cape) at:

Princess Wimpy Girl

Remember the Disney princesses that we all wanted to be as kids? How do you think these twinkling fairy-tale girls would do in today’s world? I think not so well. They were pretty messed up and would probably be “labeled” with some fancy smancy psychoses. See if you agree at:

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #disneyprincess #disney #disneymagic

Never Say Never

Today is Senior Citizens Day!Aging is inevitable and it shouldn’t be scary. You’re never too old to live your dream. Celebrating extraordinary seniors at

Reality Check

Love is a beautiful thing but sometimes it can be difficult to show your other half how much you care. That’s why National Couples Day was created! Remember: your love is worth celebrating! Find out how Wimpy Girl and Capt’n Clean commemorate “couplehood” at

Hit the Books

Calling all bibliophiles! It’s National Book Lovers Day everyone! In honor of this great day, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite exercise/running motivational and inspirational books at:

Happy reading!

Avocado Insults

Celebrate the best fruit ever! It’s National Avocado Day! Find out more about this marvelous, scrumptious “good” fat at:

#avocado #healthyfood #avocadolover #avocadotoast #healthylifestyle #guacamole #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

We All Scream For…

It’s the most wonderful day of the year…well almost. It’s National Ice Cream Day! Woo hoo! Get the “scoop” at:

Uncork Your Dork

Hey you! Here’s your perfect excuse to embrace your inner dork. It’s National Be a Dork Day! Celebrate by being your most authentic self. Wear your favorite dorky clothes and watch your favorite dork movies, and eat your favorite dork food.

The Real McCoy

Do you want to be cool? Are you always worrying about what other people will think of you? I understand. But being a Wimpy Girl doesn’t mean that you aren’t true to yourself. Find out more at:

Just Joking

Today is International Joke Day. It’s a day to make everyone around the world smile, giggle or have a hearty belly laugh. Find out more at
…and have a hilariously happy day!


No pain, no gain
Pain while exercising? That’s a good thing! If you have pain while working out and it goes away shortly after, then you are fine. If you have pain while working out and it doesn’t go away, then something not so good is going on. Learn how to tell which is which at:

Make Friends with Veggies

It’s not just for kids! Today is National Eat Your Vegetables Day, so how about making friends with your favorite veggies and discovering some over-the-top cool facts about them.

The Voice

We all have them. You know, those nasty, negative devil thoughts in our heads that tell us we can’t do something. Mine comes through loud and clear when I’m running. Learn more about how to overcome “The Voice” in today’s blog piece:


Stop what you are doing right now and give me a few laps! Tomorrow (June 1) is Global Running Day where people of all ages from all over the world (78 countries) celebrate running by, well, running. Walking fast or jogging is also allowed. Check out how to get involved (everything is free and virtual) at:

Let’s all stay healthy together!

Asparagus Tips

Let’s discuss asparagus! Today is (you guessed it) National Asparagus Day. Get a few “tips” about this important, versatile veggie at:

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th? No problem.
Many people will stay home today out of fear. Are you one of them? Discover why today could be such a scary day at

Runner’s Prayer

Then it comes to running races, whether you come in first or last doesn’t really matter, as long as you keep moving. Tomorrow is the US National Fitness Day. Running, walking, gym time, tennis, golf, etc. How will you celebrate?

In the Jeans

Today is all about munching down on green stuff! It’s National Salad Day! Discover a lot of cool salad stuff on today’s blog and then get your veggie vibe going, eat green and give your jeans a break!

Be a Hero

Fly like a Superhero Today!
On National Superhero Day we celebrate more than just Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. We celebrate all heroes both real and fictional. Check out today’s toon/blog for some cool ways to celebrate…or you can just hang around and be funny. Have a gigglingly great weekend!

Happy Easter

What do you normally do for Easter? Hide eggs, attend a church service, gorge on chocolate, or watch a bunny rabbit hop around town? In the spirit of the season, today Wimpy Girl decorates her Easter eggs in a 5K Color Run. F


You’re in a hurry, you want to get out on the trail or to the gym. But, don’t forget the most important parts of your workout regimen: stretching. This Wimpy Girl webtoon is sure to make you laugh and the blog post that goes with it outlines some basic stretches for any fitness level. So, wake up, smell (or guzzle) the coffee and S-T-R-E-T-C-H!

Rooting for You

Celebrate International Carrot Day
Eh, what’s up doc?
Today is all about celebrating the healthy benefits of carrots and the perfect time to introduce Wimpy Girl’s Leafy Laffs webtoons. Eating healthy can be difficult, so Leafy Laffs are intended to be the spoonful of chuckles to help the vegetables go down.
Carrots are tasty, healthy, and even magical. Check out today’s post for recipes and a ton of cool carrot stuff.

April Fool

Ready to act the fool today? Or maybe just fool around?
Why we celebrate this holiday has always stymied me, but it was kinda fun to explore the theories. Check them out at:
Don’t give up, and, Happy March 32!


Whether it is a dainty glisten or drenching buckets, a bit part of any fitness program involves SWEAT. This week’s webtoon and blog post is about sweating. Check it out and have a glowing weekend!


Ah, spring is in the air! Time to get outside and DIG! Today’s post is all about how to make gardening totally “count” as a workout routine. Go play in the dirt Wimpy Girl after you check out:

Lucky Runner

If you’ve always wanted to be Irish, today’s your chance because the saying goes, “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!”
There are some fun facts about how this special day is celebrated at:

Leap of Faith

This week’s story is all about the magic of new beginnings and venturing outside your old self by taking a Leap of Faith.
Enjoy the read and don’t forget to join the Wimpy Girl mailing list for more giggles in your inbox each week.

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Sisters, it is our day to ROAR and to celebrate our long history of incredible women. Read today’s post to get the scoop on some brilliant women inventors who gave us things like the hair brush, the refrigerator, kevlar and chocolate chip cookies!

Wimpy Girl Fashion Statement

f anyone ever told you that running is a minimalist sport that requires little or no equipment, they lied. There is a lot more to it than just shorts and a pair of rubber-soled shoes. Read this Wimpy Girl graphic story to find out how Wimpy Girl does it.


Believe in Yourself. Anything is possible. You are a star! Now go have a great weekend!


Have you seen the Disney movie Encanto? If not, try to. It’s incredible. It was the inspiration for this week’s cartoon.

My Heart

Wimpy Girl has lots of ideas about showing lotsa LOVE today at


It’s Make a New Friend Day! Yay! So this week’s cartoon and blog are about friendship! For example, did you know that even whales have bff’s??? Such a comforting thought as I weighed myself this morning.
Today is the perfect time to be friendly. Smile. And, if you don’t make a new friend, reach out and touch an old one because there’s nothing better than hanging out with an old friend and saying, “Remember when?” Enjoy!

Support Bra

This week’s Wimpy Girl cartoon gets the “booby” prize for guaranteed giggles. Don’t forget to read the blog post that accompanies it at:

Happy Birthday Martin

Even in these turbulent times, I still have a dream and hope you do too. Thank you Reverend King for reminding us. Happy Birthday Martin!