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Taco Belle

October 4th is National Taco Day!

If you enjoy tacos as much as I do and live in Mexico, you’re one lucky mujer.  Mexican tacos delight and satisfy regardless of your Spanish proficiency. The succulent aroma. The texture. The spicy seasonings. The variety. The flavor. Mexican tacos are delicious and inspiring. In fact, they oft inspire one to write…poetry.

Amo los Tacos

Since we live in Mexico, the Capt’n and I
Often venture out down our street
To a very popular taco stand.
It’s our favorite place to eat.

Our first time there was quite an ordeal.
At ordering sometimes I fail,
And I hadn’t eaten for hours and hours.
Excuses, I know, here’s the tale.

Now, Capt’n Clean studies Spanish each day,
So he placed his order with speed.
I write blog posts, no studies for me.
With him there, I don’t see the need.

So many options I oft get confused.
Español, I don’t speak so well.
My first time to order I just went real slow,
And started out with the shell.

“Harina o maiz?”* The taco dude said.
To which I replied, “I’ll have three.”
Capt’n Clean just stood there shaking his head.
“The tortilla. Flour or corn?” said he.

“Why flour, of course,” I replied with a grin.
And the taco guy answered my smile,
“Que tipo. Pollo, cerdo o Res?”
This order would take me a while.

Capt’n Clean stepped away to answer his phone.
I’ve got this, I nodded and then.
Behind me, two people were waiting in line
“Pollo, cerdo o res?” urged the man once again.

I reached for my phone to help me out.
Google Translate I adore.
I sniffed the aroma, and my stomach growled.
“You know, I think I’ll have four.”

“Cuatro de cada?” the taco man gasped.
My phone died so I just said “Sí.”
He then called his wife and excitedly said,
“Ella tiene hambre.” And she smiled at me.

They motioned to me when our order was done.
Taco after taco they did pack.
Pork, chicken, and beef, four of each one,
And then Capt’n Clean came back.

“What were you thinking?” he blurted to me.
“Well, they smelled so good,” I declare.
And when we got home and laid it all out,
I ate every one of them, I swear…




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