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Ode to Sweatpants

Of all the garments that I wear,
I think that there is none as fair,
As soft clothes extraordinaire,
My sweatpants rock! They do, I swear.

When covid germs were running free,
I hunkered down, no friends to see,
My sweatpants kept me company,
And soothed me in soliloquy.

They didn’t judge, attached no strings,
I slept, read books, ate chicken wings,
I shopped online, oh those cha-chings,
My sweatpants said, “Girl, do your things!”

And now, though not confined inside,
Much comfort they do oft provide.
So still I wear them clad with pride,
But very soon, I must decide.

Do I break up with one so dear?
Cuz springtime, it is almost here.
My swimsuit says, “Get your act in gear.
Get to the gym. Girl, check your rear!”

Alas, dear sweatpants, you must be sent,
Into the closet, I do lament.
I’ll not forget the time we spent,
But toning my flab takes precedent.


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