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News Flash!

The world economic crisis has spread to all fairytale and mythical beings. United Leprechauns International (ULI), based in Dublin, Ireland, revealed this week that due to financial difficulties, they would no longer be leaving pots of gold at the end of rainbows. Instead, those who successfully reach the end of the elusive rainbows will be given a $5 coupon that may be spent at any Leprechaun Store worldwide. The majority of leprechaun stores sell trinkets, cereal, amulets, charms, green clothing, and potatoes.

The ULI blames the governments of the major global powers for this dreadful state of things; yet, most world leaders agree that the catastrophe was caused by leprechaun mischief, compulsive hoarding, and parsimonious mishandling of gold coinage. Leading international leaders have even compared the situation to the 1840s potato famine, when leprechauns promised all non-fairy people a pot of potatoes at the end of the rainbow.

A ULI spokesperson commented, “Ye must be kidding me. They are just after me lucky charms!”

May all your rainbows have happy endings!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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