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Dreaming of a Spotless Christmas

If you’re constantly battling the struggle of keeping your clothes as white as a snowflake during Christmas, and happen to live with someone whose 10-year-old white shirts are so impeccable they could pass for freshly woven clouds, then boy, do I have a tale for you today! Check out

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Holiday Wardrobe Malfunction

My sweatpants (bless them) are my go-to “uniform” for this time of year. After all, ’tis the season to be comfortable, right? There is nothing like the holidays for coziness and comfort, comfortable settings, comfortable clothing, and comfort food. So, this week, in the spirit of the season, I’ve gotten comfortable. I’ve taken the week off and let my sweatpants be the guest blogger. You won’t want to miss my sweatpants Guide to Holiday Eating at

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Eggs-Clusively Yours

I know how precious your time is. That’s why I’m so grateful that you choose to spend some of your time reading Wimpy Girl. I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you.

As a small symbol of my appreciation, I’m sharing a BlabberTales story with you that I actually wrote over 20 years ago.  I hope it provides you with some inspiration for the season, from now through the new year. Enjoy, and thank you for reading Wimpy Girl.

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Phone Eulogy

It’s been a sad and difficult week for poor Wimpy Girl as she mourns the death of her smart phone. Join her as she celebrates the life and eulogizes one great cell phone device at:

And, if your phone is alive and working, please, please make sure you have it backed up!

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You Don’t Say

Have you pickled any peppers lately and eloquently told everyone you know all about it? If so, you will love celebrating International Tongue Twister Day on Sunday. Even though I spent 8 years in speech therapy as a kid, my tongue still can’t roll R’s. Can yours?

Find out the history of some of the most “thrilling, trilling” tongue twisters at
and do a few tongue callestentics to celebrate.

#tonguetwisterday #tonguetwister #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Waste of Time

So you get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. Lucky you. Or are you so lucky?

I never know what time it is and I blame Daylight Savings Time, and Ben Franklin. See why at

Good luck this weekend, Time Travelers!

#dst #daylightsavingstime #fall back #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Haunted Fridge Night

October 30th is Haunted Refrigerator Night. Only the bravest dare to venture into the realm haunted by moldy cheese, spoiled milk, and ghosts of meals past. Are you up to the challenge? Can you fight and banish the demons that lurk in the hidden parts of your fridge? If you think so, check out and have a frightfully wicked Halloween!

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Queen Yam

I am the direct descendant of royalty. My mom was Queen Yam XIII of the East Texas Yamboree in Gilmer, Texas. And, this weekend the 86th Yamboree will be celebrated.

Find out all about this delightfully quaint festival and as well as my memories of it at:

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#queenyam #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Arm Day

We take our coffee very seriously. For us, there’s not much funny about coffee. Or is there? Ready to snort coffee out your noe from laughing so much? Check out: httmps://

#nationalcoffeeday #coffee #mexicancoffee #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Taco Belle

If you enjoy tacos as much as I do and live in Mexico, you’re one lucky muejer.  Mexican tacos delight and satisfy regardless of your Spanish proficiency. Mexican tacos are delicious and inspiring. In fact, they oft inspire one to write…poetry. Check out Amo los Tacos, A Poem at https//

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Dippity-Do, Duh

“Bad hair day? More like bad hair life”
“Bad hair day? More like bad hair life”
National Hair Day is celebrated annually on October 1. Visit and let’s take a trip down Follicle Memory Lane together.

#nationalhair day #hairday #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

September 29th is Broadway Musical Day! Thunderous Applause! Bravo! Encore! This is my kind of holiday! Find out how it all got started at

#broadwaymusicals #broadway musicalday #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Sucked In

For the month of August, I read only romance novels. It was Read a Romance Month, and I’m always up for a challenge, even if it gags me. I promised a report on how I survived the month, so here it is.

Heads up, I didn’t die of boredom. My toes aren’t permanently curled and I’m not pregnant.

Read how a month of listening to only steamy romance books went for me at:

#readaromance #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Happy Birthday Grandma Moses

If you are 50+ years old and have never heard of Grandma Moses, Google her and find out who who she is. If you are 60+ years old, you should actually read the Google articles about Grandma Moses. If you are 70+ years old Grandma Moses should inspire you and make you want to stand up and applaud this amazing woman. It’s never too late to start something new. Grandma Moses did. Find out all about her at:

#grandmamoses #americanfoldart #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

When Pigs Fly

Do you believe in the impossible? On September 9th you should. Yep, we’re coming up on When Pigs Fly Day when inconceivable things can happen. But where did we humans come up with such a whacko idiom? Find out the origin of flying pigs and others cockamamy sayings at:

#whenpigsfly #whenpigsflyday #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookietyan

Find Your Inner Nerd

Have you found your inner nerd lately? I found mine at age 11 as a competitor in the Our Little Miss Pageant. Not exactly a place where nerdy girls hang out. Find out how this Wimpy Girl learned to cope with her nerdiness at:

#nerdday #nerds #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

I Love My Feet

There’s not really much to love about my feet. They are big, smelly and clumsy. But I’m proud to say that they have been there every step of the way through workouts, runs, dances and performances. Find out how to show some foot love for yours at:

#ilovemyfeet #Ilovemyfeetday #footlove #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Wimpy Girl Barbie

Barbie-mania is worldwide and everyone has an opinion about the new Barbie movie. I figured I needed to put my two cents worth into the mix because I was one of the very first Barbie doll owners. Barbie was created just for little Wimpy Girl, or so I thought back then. Don’t try to figure up how many years ago that was, just read:
It will be an exciting trip down memory lane.

#barbie #vintagebarbie #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Red Shoes

There is nothing that bespeaks independence and sassiness like a pair of red shoes, and every woman should own at least one pair.

My mother always had several, and when she gave me my first pair of sylish red silk high heels, I became a beliver in the power of red shoes. But, according to Mama, there are rules that accompany the wearing of red shoes. To this day, I’ve never broken one of them. Find out my mom’s red shoe regs at:

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July 20th is Fortune Cookie Day. The best thing about this obscure holiday is that even if the slip of paper inside your cookie tells you that you’re ugly or that you stink like a goat, you still get to enjoy the scrumptious cookie!

Find out more really weird ways of predicting your fate at:

#fortunecookie #fortunecookieday #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Shark Week

I shudder every time I think about swimming in ocean water where there might be a shark. So Shark Week is not something I celebrate.

My fear of sharks all started when I was 8 years old and on vacation in Freeport, Texas, with my grandparents. I’m gonna tell you all about it at:

And, if you are not as wimpy as me, enjoy Shark Week.

#sharkweek #sharks #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Make Some Waves

Are you a bikini beach babe?

I once was, sorta. Right now I’m stuck in beach babe purgatory as I pack for our upcoming trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico. Beach babe purgatory involves being stuck somewhere between a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and a moo-moo mama that calls folks to dinner by blowing tinto a conch shell. If you can relate, check out my plan to bring back beach babe-ness no matter how old you are at:

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Gogh, Wimpy Girl, Gogh

I’ve always had an art crush on Vincent Van Gogh. I like the weird ones, the more eccentric the better.

I think Van Gogh would flourish today as a cartoonist. See if you agree with me at:

#vincentvangogh #vangogh #starrynight #wimpygirl #pookieryan


A new cartoon every Friday, plus special days! It’s summertime! Woo hoo! When you think about summer do you imagine yourself lolling on a tropical… Read More »Hydrate

Audio Bookworm

June is Audiobook Appreciation Month, and there is no bigger appreciative fan than yours truly. Find out why at:

#audiobooks #loveaudiobooks #audiobooksmonth
#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Knee Jerking

Remember when you could refer to your knees as right and left rather than good and bad? Ah, those were the days!

Today’s story is all about knees and what you can do to keep them healthy and working. Check out:

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Talk Like Shakespeare

Did you know that Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564? Did you also know that he died on April 23, 1616? At least he was consistent.

Thus, April 23rd is Talk Like Shakespeare Day, and in his honor, that infamous bard Wimpy Girls has written an ode to everything Shakespearian and talking “purdy” like ole Will. It’s called “I Wanna Talk Like Shakespeare.” You won’t want to miss this one:

#shakespeare #talklikeshakespeareday #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Wash Day

Ahh! Think clean clothes, fresh sheets and that fresh laundry smell. Find out what National Laundry Day is all about at

#nationallaundryday #laundryday #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Free Bunny Hugs

See how we celebrate Santo Semana (Holy Week) here in Morelia at


#Easter2023 #happyEaster #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Spring Cleaning

How do you handle spring cleaning if one of you is a neatnik and the other is a slob? Find out how Capt’n Clean and Wimpy Girl have learned to cope with Dust Bunny removal at:

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #springcleaning #marriagetips

True Blue

“What are you wearing?” Ask me this during during the day and 9 times out of 10, my answer will be, “MY BLUE JEANS!”

If you can relate you will enjoy:

It’s all about blue jeans. Enjoy!

#bluejeans #trueblue #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #ilovemyjeans

Lucky Feet

Breaking News!
The world economic crisis has spread to all fairytale and mythological beings, namely LEPRECHAUNS! This is serious stuff folks. Read all about it at:

and have a
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

#wimpygirl #stpatricksday #leprechauns #running #fitness

We Are Women

In the 1960s, which doesn’t really seem that long ago to me, women weren’t permitted to open a bank account, get a credit card, or serve on a jury. Wow! We have come a long way. Join me in celebrating National Women’s Month by taking a trip backwards to explore some of the things that women were not allowed to do 50 years ago at:

#women #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenpower girlpower #wimpygirl


It’s monarch butterfly season here in Morelia, Mexico. Find out what these ultra-marathon fliers can teach us about endurance and patience at:

#wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #exercisemotivation #fitness #transformation


Do you ever wobble at the edges of your clothes, especially around your mid-section? My mother and her friends called it a “midriff bulge.” I call it “busted biscuit belly,” and believe me, there are days that I’ve got it! If you want to know what to do to keep your “biscuits” under control, check out:

#bellyfat #fatloss #fitness #exercise #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics


Are you weird? Did you know that weird is a side-effect of awesome?

Today’s topic is authenticity and involves a tale about a speaking engagement that was scheduled at the last minute and a dress that was worn with the wrong side out…with tags showing.

Are you curious?

Check out:

#authenticity #selflove #authentic #selfcare #loveyourself #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Kiss Me, You Fool

Wanna smooch?
Find out some wonderfully kooky things you might not have known about kissing at:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

#kissing #valentinesday #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Fitness Fairy

So you started out in 2023 riding the fitness torpedo like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove, but now your motivation to exercise has waned. You keep calling the Fitness Fairy, but her line continues to be busy. Believe me, I get it. Just to keep your spirits up and your body moving, this week’s blog offers a few things that work for me as far as fitness motivation. Check it out:
#fitnessmotivation #exercise #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics


Poetry lovers, please read on!

Wimpy Girl, that infamous poet, has just released her newest poem, and it’s not to be missed. This piece is entitled “Ode to Sweatpants” for a reaso. Check out:

#fitnessmotivation #sweatpants #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Wrap it Up

What’s that popping noise?
It’s wallpaper.
It’s a toy.
It’s a stress reliever.
It’s a packing product.


You guessed it. Monday is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Make sure you properly “appreciate” this wonderful invention by discovering more about it at:

#bubblewrap #bubblewrapday #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics

Onward & Upward

Have you ever tried to tackle some task or goal that seemed completely unreachable? Like running a marathon, or losing 40 pounds. You really, really want it to happen but you just can’t connect the dots to make it so. Here are a few ideas that might help you finally conquer what seemed impossible at:

#settinggoals #goals #motivation #success #fitness #mindset #inspiration #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #wimpygirl