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When you were a kid, what was your favorite section of the Sunday newspaper?

When you were a teenager, what was the first section of the Sunday newspaper that you read, or fought for?

How about into your adult years? Golden years?

If your answer is “the comics page” or what we called “the funny papers” then you are going to understand and appreciate what this article is all about. Today is National Cartoonist Day, and I thought it would be fun do a little celebrating by making a list of the greatest comic strip cartoons and cartoonists of all time, specifically, my lifetime.

Think about it. Easily you can probably name your top ten favorite movies, right? In addition, you can undoubtedly name the starring actors in all ten of your faves. Easy Peasy. But now think about your top ten favorite newspaper comic strips. Can you name the cartoonists who drew each of them? Do you know anything at all about these talented artists that day in and day out came up with doodles that made us all giggle daily and then, to top it off, produced a longer version on Sundays, in COLOR! I’m here to tell you, my friends, being a cartoonist is no easy feat. Cartoonists are artistic and literary (yes, I meant literary) geniuses that get far too little attention, sez moi.

If you are like me, you don’t receive a daily/weekly newspaper but rather get your news from online. Did you know that you can still follow all your favorite comic strips weekly and daily at Comics Kingdom? Check it out. https://comicskingdom.com/

So have you come up with your favorite newspaper comic strips of your lifetime? See how your list lines up with mine.


The Family Circus

1960- Present

Original Creator:

Bil Keane



1954 - 2015

Original Creator:

Brad Anderson


Tank McNamara

1974 - 2012

Original Creators:

Jeff Millar & Bill Hinds


Prince Valiant

1937 - Present

Original Creator:

Hal Foster



1970 - Present

Original Creator:

Russell Myers



1976- 2010

Original Creator:

Cathy Guisewite


Hagar the Horrible

1973 - Present

Original Creator:

Dik Browne


Bloom County

1978 - Present

Original Creator:

Berkeley Breathed



1990 - Present

Original Creator:

Brian Crane


Mother Goose & Grimm

1984 - Present

Original Creator:

Mike Peters



1930 - Present

Original Creator:

Chic Young


Andy Capp

1957 - Present

Original Creator:

Reg Smythe



1976 - Present

Original Creator:

Jim Davis


Beetle Bailey

1950- Present

Original Creator:

Mort Walker



1958- Present

Original Creator:

Johnny Hart



1970 - 2016

Original Creator:

Mell Lazarus



1968- Present

Original Creator:

Tom Wilson


pearls before swine

2001- Present

Original Creator:

Stephan Pastis


calvin & hobbes

1985- Present

Original Creator:

Bill Watterson



1950 - 2000

Original Creator:

Charles Schultz


The far Side

1980 - 1995

Original Creator:

Gary Larson

On this list I was going to do my top 10 and I couldn’t leave off some beautiful comics, so then I opted for the top 20, but couldn’t leave off The Family Circus and Marmaduke. That just wouldn’t be right.

If you’ve got the time, click on the “MORE INFO” links. There are some fascinating stories about these cartoon strips and the brilliant people who created them. Hope you enjoy and…

Happy Cartoonist’s Day!

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