Be a Hero

Who is your hero?

A friend? Your parents? A co-worker? A teacher? Maybe even a spouse?

One National Superhero Day (April 28th) we celebrate more than just Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. We celebrate all heroes both real and fictional.

In 1995 a Marvel Comics employee created Superhero Day to honor everyone’s favorite hero. Reportedly, the day was initially designed to celebrate heroes who protect people and fight evil.

Our real-life superheroes may not have super powers or wear fancy capes, but they are ordinary people who, for whatever reasons, make themselves extraordinary.

You can commemorate this day by:

Dressing Up.
Have a superhero party and invite your other superhero loving friends. Or, let your kids or grandkids dress up and take them out to do some “good deeds.” Heck, every day I suit up for a run, I pretend I’m a superhero!

Watch or Read.
Watch your favorite superhero movie or read your favorite comic book. Capt’n Clean and I just finished watching all of the Marvel movies a few weeks back. They were awesome, and just looking over the cast, which stays the same for each picture, I think they selected only Oscar nominees or winners.  No shabby acting in these flicks!

Honor the Real Life Superheroes in Your Life.
Surprise your hero with a gift, a special dinner, or dedicate a social media post to them.

And…don’t forget…

You too, can be a Superhero.
You may be someone’s inspiration and not even know it, so it’s a great day to celebrate your own inner superhero!

Duck into that phone booth. Be a Hero!

Happy Superheroes Day!

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