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If you are a runner or exerciser, you already know exactly what the old adage, “No Pain, No Gain” is all about. Face it, whenever… Read More »Pain

Make Friends with Veggies

It’s not just for kids! Today is National Eat Your Vegetables Day, so how about making friends with your favorite veggies and discovering some over-the-top cool facts about them.


Stop what you are doing right now and give me a few laps! Tomorrow (June 1) is Global Running Day where people of all ages from all over the world (78 countries) celebrate running by, well, running. Walking fast or jogging is also allowed. Check out how to get involved (everything is free and virtual) at:

Let’s all stay healthy together!


Breaking a sweat, sweatshirt, don’t sweat it, sweating bullets, sweatshop, blood, sweat and tears… Whether it is a dainty glisten or drenching buckets, a bit… Read More »Whew!


Last week Capt’n Clean and I watched the Oscar-nominated Disney animated movie, Encanto. It’s pretty incredible, and I predict it will win the Academy Award… Read More »Flawsome


Happy Make a New Friend Day! Did you ever make a friendship chain when you were a kid? My childhood bestie, Susan, and I made… Read More »BRFF