A Guide to Date Night by St. Valentine

Attention all hopeless romantics, starry-eyed lovers, and aspiring poets…brace yourselves, because today is your day. Even though it’s not in the top ten of world-famous holidays, you definitely don’t want to forget about it if you have a sweetheart.

It’s St. Valentine’s Day! Smoochie, smoochie.

Capt’n Clean and I have sure had our fair share of Valentine’s Days together! One year, he flew back from Asia just to celebrate this special day with me. Despite being exhausted and suffering from jet lag, my guy managed to step off the plane with a smile on his face and a red rose in his hand. I know how to pick ’em huh?

Well, this year, I decided to take a more intellectual approach to Valentine’s Day and, of course, the guy it’s named after. What’s the deal with Mr. Valentine? Let’s dive into the world of this mysterious man, the saint, the legend! I must admit, my knowledge is quite limited. However, just to spice things up a bit, I’ve decided to share some date night ideas inspired by the legendary Saint Valentine himself. Who knows, they might just add a touch of romance to your day! Get ready for a wild ride, because I guarantee you won’t be bored!

Valentine was a Christian clergyman during the 3rd century in Italy.

Date Idea: Why not surprise your sweetheart with an early morning adventure at a 5 a.m. mass? Or if you’re not a morning person, you can always have a little fun by whispering scriptures to each other. It’s sure to be a memorable experience!

During his time under house arrest by Judge Asterius, Saint Valentine had some interesting conversations about his faith. As a result, Asterius brought his blind daughter to the saint. Valentine, with a touch of divine intervention, placed his hands on the girl’s eyes and miraculously restored the child’s sight. Valentine ended up becoming the patron saint of healing, among a whole bunch of other things. The name Valentine, or Valentinus, actually hails from the Latin word valens, which translates to “healthy” and “strong.”

Date Ideas: How about scheduling appointments with your doctor and, if possible, going together for your checkups? It’s a surefire way to add a little excitement to your love life. Who doesn’t love a good dose of medical fun?

Too rich for your blood?

Back in 1836, Carmelite priest John Spratt got a surprise present from none other than Pope Gregory XVI (1765-1846) himself. It was a “small vessel tinged” with St. Valentine’s blood. Talk about a unique gift!

Date Ideas: While I’m not suggesting any vampire activities, turnip farming, or visiting your local blood bank, how about enjoying a glass of red wine with a delightful dinner? It’s a simple yet satisfying option guaranteed to make your blood sizzle.

A night at the museum

Saint Valentine was such a big shot that after he got his head chopped off, they decided to keep his skull as a souvenir. Now you can go check out his skull in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosemedin, Rome, along with some other parts of his skeleton scattered across Europe.

Date ideas: How about skipping the expensive European tour and checking out a museum near you instead? It’s like a mini cultural adventure without the hefty price tag and your sweetie will love it!

What’s LOVE got to do with it?

Saint Valentine’s holy duties are not limited to interceding in loving couples and marriages. He is also the patron saint of beekeepers, epilepsy, plague, fainting and travelling.

Date Ideas: If you can’t go on a trip this year, why not spice things up by taking a beekeeping class with your lover? Trust me, it’ll be a buzz-worthy experience! If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not treat him/her to a jar of honey? And if you’re looking to really impress your partner, try casually mentioning that you have epilepsy or the plague. It’s sure to leave them speechless and they will probably faint!

Actually, it was Chaucer who attributed “love” to Saint Valentine. No solid evidence exists of the romantic celebrations on 14 February prior to Chaucer’s ‘Parlement of Foules’, written in 1375.

Date Idea: Why not unleash your inner Shakespeare (or Chaucer) and write your sweetheart a sappy, romantic poem? It’s the perfect way to show off your poetic skills and make them swoon at the same time. Plus, who doesn’t love a good dose of cheesy romance? Remember, it doen’t have to rhyme. Present your poem to your honey over dinner, or if you are really brave, read it out loud.

Saint Valentine of Rome was far from being lucky in love on February 14th, when he was beheaded. Hardly a romantic ending.

Date Idea: How about ditching the whole head-chopping thing and going for a head-rousing game of Scrabble or a mind-boggling match of chess? It’s a much safer and equally entertaining option! Hey, at least watch Jeopardy with your person, it’ll be a blast!

Marrying Man

During St. Valentine’s lifetime, Roman soldiers were not allowed to be married. Talk about tough love. Military leaders back then felt that marriage was too much of a buzzkill for performing proper soldiering duties. Married soldiers were not allowed to go to war. Valentine was like, “I got you, bro!” and went around secretly marrying couples to save them from going to war, even though it was totally against what the emperor wanted.

Date idea: Why not make things exciting by renewing your vows with your sweetheart? Who needs fancy? Just hearing those words again is worth its weight in gold.

Prisoner of Love

St. Valentine was thrown in a Roman prison for his beliefs, several times. During one such time he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. He wrote her many love letters during his incarceration, signing each “from your Valentine.”

Date Idea: Nothing says “it’s just you and me,” like an escape room date where the room is a Roman prison, next to the coliseum, where there are lions, and tigers and gladiators. Make sure each clue is written in Latin and signed “ex valentine” (from your Valentine).

If memorializing Saint Valentine with your date night doesn’t work for you, just sit down with your special person and made a list of the funniest things you two have done together. Every couple should do this at least once. We do it every time I need help coming up with a blog post. Even reading this now, I’m sure a few instances have come to mind for yo. Sharing the memories of your relationship you both love most is the best way I can think to celebrate.

Wishing you a beautiful day filled with all the love and happiness you deserve.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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