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November 2023

Holiday Wardrobe Malfunction

My sweatpants (bless them) are my go-to “uniform” for this time of year. After all, ’tis the season to be comfortable, right? There is nothing like the holidays for coziness and comfort, comfortable settings, comfortable clothing, and comfort food. So, this week, in the spirit of the season, I’ve gotten comfortable. I’ve taken the week off and let my sweatpants be the guest blogger. You won’t want to miss my sweatpants Guide to Holiday Eating at

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Eggs-Clusively Yours

I know how precious your time is. That’s why I’m so grateful that you choose to spend some of your time reading Wimpy Girl. I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you.

As a small symbol of my appreciation, I’m sharing a BlabberTales story with you that I actually wrote over 20 years ago.  I hope it provides you with some inspiration for the season, from now through the new year. Enjoy, and thank you for reading Wimpy Girl.

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Phone Eulogy

It’s been a sad and difficult week for poor Wimpy Girl as she mourns the death of her smart phone. Join her as she celebrates the life and eulogizes one great cell phone device at:

And, if your phone is alive and working, please, please make sure you have it backed up!

#cellphone #smartphone #phoneeulogy #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

You Don’t Say

Have you pickled any peppers lately and eloquently told everyone you know all about it? If so, you will love celebrating International Tongue Twister Day on Sunday. Even though I spent 8 years in speech therapy as a kid, my tongue still can’t roll R’s. Can yours?

Find out the history of some of the most “thrilling, trilling” tongue twisters at
and do a few tongue callestentics to celebrate.

#tonguetwisterday #tonguetwister #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics #pookieryan

Waste of Time

So you get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. Lucky you. Or are you so lucky?

I never know what time it is and I blame Daylight Savings Time, and Ben Franklin. See why at

Good luck this weekend, Time Travelers!

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