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September 2023

Dippity-Do, Duh

“Bad hair day? More like bad hair life”
“Bad hair day? More like bad hair life”
National Hair Day is celebrated annually on October 1. Visit and let’s take a trip down Follicle Memory Lane together.

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses

September 29th is Broadway Musical Day! Thunderous Applause! Bravo! Encore! This is my kind of holiday! Find out how it all got started at

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Sucked In

For the month of August, I read only romance novels. It was Read a Romance Month, and I’m always up for a challenge, even if it gags me. I promised a report on how I survived the month, so here it is.

Heads up, I didn’t die of boredom. My toes aren’t permanently curled and I’m not pregnant.

Read how a month of listening to only steamy romance books went for me at:

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Happy Birthday Grandma Moses

If you are 50+ years old and have never heard of Grandma Moses, Google her and find out who who she is. If you are 60+ years old, you should actually read the Google articles about Grandma Moses. If you are 70+ years old Grandma Moses should inspire you and make you want to stand up and applaud this amazing woman. It’s never too late to start something new. Grandma Moses did. Find out all about her at:

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