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February 2023


Do you ever wobble at the edges of your clothes, especially around your mid-section? My mother and her friends called it a “midriff bulge.” I call it “busted biscuit belly,” and believe me, there are days that I’ve got it! If you want to know what to do to keep your “biscuits” under control, check out:

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Are you weird? Did you know that weird is a side-effect of awesome?

Today’s topic is authenticity and involves a tale about a speaking engagement that was scheduled at the last minute and a dress that was worn with the wrong side out…with tags showing.

Are you curious?

Check out:

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Kiss Me, You Fool

Wanna smooch?
Find out some wonderfully kooky things you might not have known about kissing at:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Fitness Fairy

So you started out in 2023 riding the fitness torpedo like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove, but now your motivation to exercise has waned. You keep calling the Fitness Fairy, but her line continues to be busy. Believe me, I get it. Just to keep your spirits up and your body moving, this week’s blog offers a few things that work for me as far as fitness motivation. Check it out:
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Poetry lovers, please read on!

Wimpy Girl, that infamous poet, has just released her newest poem, and it’s not to be missed. This piece is entitled “Ode to Sweatpants” for a reaso. Check out:

#fitnessmotivation #sweatpants #wimpygirl #wimpygirlcomics