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November 2022

Mickey Mouse Day

Who’s the leader of the pack? Well it’s that cheerful little rodent recognized all over the world, Mickey Mouse.

Today is Mickey Mouse Day!

Join me in a trip down memory lane as we celebrate this beloved cartoon mouse, and you just might learn a few facts that you may not have known at:

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

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Sadie Hawkins Day

Which part of a newspaper do you normally read first? Sports? Lifestyle? Current Events?
For me, it’s always the comics page which I grew up calling the “funny papers.”

One of the most iconic comic strips of all time is Al Capp’s Li’l Abner. And I think it’s really cool that a holicay, Sadie Hawkins Day, was the result of a cartoon.

Yes, it’s outdated (Sadie Hawkins was introduced in 1937), but I’m all about empowering women. Check out how this holiday, where womens ask out men, came into being and was an annual event in Dogpatch.

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Eat Your Heart Out

A few years back I saw a magazine page with a model clad in platform shoes and bell bottom jeans. The advertising tag said, “Go for That Vintage Look!” I felt really old because that is exactly how I looked in high school.

If you can relate to having once had a closet full of “retro” clothes, take a trip with me down memory lane at:

…and try not to rub it in too much if you can still fit into your bell bottoms…please!

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