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September 2022

A Toast

Coffee. We drink it, we savor it, we love it. And, this weekend we celebrate it. September 29th the US and Canada celebrates the lucious brown brew, and then on October 1st the rest of the world joins the salute for International Coffee Day.

I love coffee. So how about observing the holidays by spotllighting a few famous coffee lovers throughout history who share my passion? The list may surprise you, but I promise you’ll get a caffeinated “kick” out of this week’s blog:

Enjoy the best part of waking up this weekend!

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Head Over Heels

It’s fall, ya’ll. What better time to talk about falling, than the first day of fall? You guessed it, it’s Fall Prevention Day.

I’m pretty much an expert at the falling thing. Clumsy and wimpy too. So here are a few ideas to prevent falls for all of us.

…and enjoy the cooler weather!

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Gather up your maties and grab some grog. It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Aargh! Check out the Wimpy Girl version of some mighty salty language at:!

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The ShowDown

Face the changes, not your relection. Are you a serial dieter? I was. Face it, nobody wants to spend their life dieting. Find out what’s working for me at:

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Emma Nutt Day

One Ringy Dingy! It’s time to celebrate Emma M. Nutt, the first female telephone operator. She was quite an incredible woman, and not at all a “nut” as her name would lead us to believe. Get the scoop on this Superwoman (without the cape) at: