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One of the coolest things about webcomics, for readers, is that they’re only a click away and are free on the Internet. For creators, however, it means that they probably are not going to make a cent for their effort, and most will lose money, just for the sake of their art. So, if you have clicked on this page, you probably have some sort of desire to help Wimpy Girl. Yay! Wimpy Girl thanks you, Capt'n Clean thanks you, and even Fiona and Felipe Fitbit are vibrating their gratitude! 

And you know what? It's not all about money. There are lots of ways to keep Wimpy Girl moving and grooving on the web. Here are a few:

1. Buy items from the store

Take a look around the Wimpy Girl store. We've selected economical items that will keep you giggling all day, whether it's a shirt on your back, a magnet on your fridge or a specially customized WG do rag wrapped around your head. 

2. Subscribe to the Wimpy Girl Patreon account

Because it’s an ongoing support system for an ongoing creation, Patreon is a perfect match for Wimpy Girl. Even if it’s only a dollar a month, throwing some money our way can really help pay our online expenses. If you can’t quite afford a monthly fee, or if you just want to buy Wimpy Girl or Capt'n Clean a cup of coffee, a one time donation is available too. And, we do love coffee.

3. Reblog, retweet, and spread the good word about Wimpy Girl
A free way to help is to spread the giggles with your friends on social media. Lawd-all-mighty, there are so many "friend" groups on the web nowadays, it's hard to keep up with them all. Sharing WG, not only makes us smile, but will make your friends giggle too.

4. Subscribe and follow Wimpy Girl on social media

Right now Wimpy Girl jogs around at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Since her legs are kinda old, that's about all she can handle right now. We'd be grinning all over ourselves it you'd join us on these platforms.

5. Tell people about Wimpy Girl

Speaking of following, it doesn’t matter whether you have a gazillion Facebook friends or just a handful of acquaintances from work—simply telling people about Wimpy Girl is a great way to spread the fun. Or, just read Wimpy Girl in a public place and lure people into reading over your shoulder. That works too.

6. Be active in the arts, specifically visual arts...okay specifically cartooning art

If the kid next door loves to draw and cartoon, encourage him/her. If your local library has a special show for cartoon artists, go see it. It's amazing how many talented artists exist in your local community, if you just look around.

7. Sign up for the Wimpy Girl newsletter and notices

Hopefully, if you enjoy Wimpy Girl, you'll want to find out about exclusive merchandise, comic-related news, and other goodies!

8. Tell us what you think 

Whether it’s in person jogging around the neighborhood, by email or contact form, or simply a nod on social media, contacting Wimpy Girl makes her stand a little taller and try harder. We'd love to hear your Wimpy Girl stories too!!! There’s no greater affirmation for a cartoonist or writer, than hearing directly from a fan how much their creation matters to them personally. It makes it all worthwhile!


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